Alexei ChernobrovovConsultant on Analytics and Data Monetization


Black data market: how to protect yourself and your customers

The largest leaks of personal data in Russia over the past couple of years, which laws protect confidential information and what threatens their violation, why such incidents occur and what can be done to protect information about your private life.

Big Data Monetization: How Can Business Make Money?

3 ways to make money on data relevant to any business. What information about their users can be profitably sold to the data exchange and how to do it legally, without violating the requirements of Roskomnadzor and GDPR. Who and why sells / buys user data - a brief overview of the market for data providers in Russia and abroad.

Expert Approach and Machine Learning for CJM Development

How to determine the category of a potential customer by his behavior on the site using machine learning and expert knowledge

Who is Chief Data Officer and why you need him?

When, to whom and why is Chief Data Officer required, where to find and how to employ such Top-manager and how much to pay him

Data analytics: what, who, how, why and how much

When it becomes necessary to analyze corporate data, what kind of specialist should be hired for this work, where to find it and how much does it cost

How to speed up and reduce the cost of advertising experiments by predicting the behavior of users of an online store using proxy metrics

What are proxy metrics, how do they help in evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and what does machine learning have to do with it

Marketing Management based on CJM User Segmentation

How to analyze customer behavior, to understand their demands and expectations in order to build a more effective relationship with the client - building CJM on the example of the marketing strategy developing for - one of the largest Russian resellers of HI-FI/HI-END technique.

Where could you find data for Machine Learning: 3 methods for preparing dataset from open sources

In that article 3 legal methods of obtaining the big data of other people for yours own business tasks would be discussed: ready datasets, web-platforms with statistics and information from external websites.

Machine Learning for dynamic pricing

Application of machine learning for effective dynamic pricing